Epson | DJI

Augmented reality, drone piloting experience for the Epson Moverio smart eyewear.

Today, there are nearly 7 million consumer drones

Drone safety is more important than ever but flying a drone is tricky, especially when the pilot has to look down at the controls on their phone or tablet.


AR drone flying

Bringing together EPSON’s smart AR glasses, and DJI’s drone technology, we created SoAR: a revolutionary drone flying experience. 

“This hands-free, heads-up experience is the ideal way to experience aerial AR.”

Romsin Oushana, DJI Partnerships

Line of sight drone piloting controls

SoAR gives pilots control of their drone through the Moverio smart glasses. The augmented reality interface for the glasses lets them maintain line-of-sight with their drone without losing any information about their drone.


DJI has become the market leader in easy-to-fly drones and aerial photography systems. After a number of successful engagements, we are now their preferred partner for third-party experiences using DJI drones.

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