Forever 21

Mobile-first, responsive web focused on improving conversion along the purchase journey.

Fast fashion, faster

Forever 21’s e-commerce website was focused on drop-off in conversion. Our challenge was to streamline the shopping experience so customers can discover, curate, and buy their perfect look before it goes out of style.


A personalized shopping experience

A redesigned, personalized shopping experience leads customers through their ideal shopping journey — from inspiration, to discovery, to purchase.


“I love the store but it’s difficult to find something specific online. Until now, that is.”

Joanna Maise, customer

Mobile, by design

The Forever 21 mobile experience inspires people to find outfit inspiration, save their faves, and get connected. Visitors are the first to know about the newest sales, items, and fashion trends.

desktop_home copy


The redesigned Forever 21 website outperformed the usability of its competitors: H&M and ASOS. A streamlined, more efficient path to purchase increased conversion by 20% and the number of daily users 12%.

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